Dog is constipated when he either has hard time pooping (and feces are dry and hard) or isn’t pooping at all.

Is your dog constipated?

The cure for constipation depends on the cause. Some dogs may be helped at home through a natural home remedy, while others need immediate attention from a vet. There can be several different issues behind the constipation, but few common reasons are that the dog is not drinking enough or the diet is lacking the essential fatty acids. Stress and lack of fibers are common too.

Usually the constipated dog is just “dry”. Like us humans, the dog needs fibers, fat and enough water to hydrate the organs. Easy way to improve stool is to add essential oils to food in the form of the supplement. This site has lots of information about the science behind fatty acids and different products which will ease the constipation in dogs. Remember that if your dog is constipated then it probably is shedding too or having other health issues as well.

Remember that in same cases the constipation can occur due some medical reasons too which needs to be addressed by a veterinarian. If the dog is constipated over 24 hours and is vomiting, it’s a sign of serious issue, such as a blockage in the intestines. Also if your dog’s constipation eases but returns later days, it’s time to see your veterinarian.

Costipated dog
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