Discover how to improve your dogs health with right oils!

Essential fatty acids for dogs play an important role in improving your dog’s health and proper amounts of oils reduce excessive shedding; improve dry flaky skin, and produce the perfect coat. A healthy coat and skin emerges from the deeper layers. Dog diarrhea cure? in many cases dog’s stomach and intestines can benefit from correct fatty acids from right oils.

The light of my life, Sand Anastasia, my Golden Retriver, was diagnosed with severe arthritis. She couldn’t walk. When I started giving her 6 table spoons of salmon oil with her food it was like a miracle. Sand is 11 years old and she can walk easily 3 and half miles daily without complains. – Matt Farre

Here you can find all the information you need for taking care of your dog. Learn more about different omega oil sources like krill oil, fish oil, hemp seed oil and coconut oil for dogs and their differences. We have facts and proven science behind oil benefits for dogs, what different oil options there are and we have even recommendations about the best products your dog can have!


Did you know that dogs cannot synthesize omega fatty acids so they must be supplemented.

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