You need to check for these symptoms since dogs cannot tell how they feel

The essential fatty acids can help your dog in many different ways. It has been shown that Omega-3 and Omega-6 deficiency can lead to dog dandruff, dog losing hair, arthritis in dogs, auto-immune disorders, atopic dermatitis, different allergies, heart problems, steatosis, kidney diseases, ligament issues, cancer, stroke and impaired vision. That list is just the beginning of scientifically proved issues with dog nutrition. Not to worry, there are several different signs of fatty acid deficiency in the health of your dog that indicate when it isn’t getting proper amounts of essential fatty acids and oils from food sources.

There is no single “dog symptom checker”, but see below the most common signs of fatty acid deficiency:

  • Dog dandruff
  • Coat issues, dog losing hair, thin or greasy hair
  • Obesity, generally a fat dog
  • Allergy symptoms, itching and eczema
  • Dry, scaly, flaky skin
  • Slow wound healing
  • Infections in the ear
  • Inflammatory diseases

If your dog has ANY of the signs above, try omega products for dogs!

Dogs and obesity

Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are known to reduce inflammation throughout the body. They reduce the effect of inflammatory enzymes produced by body fat, which is how they may help promote weight loss of a fat dog. There is a study done on Beagles published which was in the Journal of Internal Veterinary Medicine. The fat dogs fed calorie-restricted diets lost a lot more weight when essential fatty acids were supplemented. Obesity is only one of the signs of fatty acid deficiency but most visible. Walking the dog and exercise is still the most important factor along with the correct diet.

Humans and dog allergy

If you or people close to you are allergic to dogs, you can help the symptoms with by adding essential fatty acids to the dog’s diet. A common misconception is that dog’s fur is the reason behind allergic reactions but that is wrong. The allergic reaction that most people have, is that people are allergic to the dog dandruff (flakes of dead skin). The length of the hair is not the culprit, as any dog can potentially cause an allergic reaction when their skin is flaky. This is where omega oils help you and people near you. Get rid of dog dandruff, get rid of dog allergy!

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